Send a File to Martin One Source

Questions about File Formats?  Click here  for a PDF that will answer most of your questions; or contact our PrePress Department at 217-531-3037 or 217-398-5000 x7829 or email

Need to send many files at once to us? Use Stuffit on a mac or Zip on a PC to package up the files into one file, then upload that one file.

Uploading a file to Martin One Source:

This is a two-step process:

  1. First you fill out this form telling us about the file(s) that you are about to send to us (PLEASE zip or package up the files so you only upload the minumum number of files)
  2. You are then taken to a place where you can drop the file(s) to send them to us.

REMINDER: Do not upload many files at once; package the files or use Stuffit or Zip.

Contact us if you have questions.